Stainless Steel Woven Wire Cloth

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Stainless steel woven wire cloth is formed chrome steel  wire  then  woven together  to make  a square opening or oblong opening.  chrome steel  woven  fabric  has outstanding characteristics of resistance to the rust, corrosion, acid, alkali, heat and chemical. Also the  chrome steel  woven  fabric  has high strength  and sturdiness .  chrome steel  woven  fabric  has widely applications  within the  industries, architecture, residences and other places.


Stainless steel woven wire cloth.


High transmittance stainless steel AISI316L wire mesh.

Different Types

  • Market Grade
    The market grade  chrome steel  woven  fabric   is that the   commonest  specifications  of commercial   fabric . It  are often   utilized in   a good  range of applications. The weaving method  are often   taffeta weave  and  twill .

  • Mill Grade
    The mill grade  chrome steel  woven  fabric   is employed  mostly in sifting and sizing applications.  it's  higher percent of open area compared with the market grade, but  but  that of tensile bolting grade. The weaving method  is usually  the  taffeta weave.

  • Tensile Bolting Grade
    Tensile bolting grade  chrome steel  woven  fabric  is widely  utilized in  the sifting and sizing applications and general filtration applications.  it's  high percentage of open area than the market and mill grade cloth.  it's  typically used when maximum throughput is crucial. The weaving method  is usually   taffeta weave .

Different Weaving Method

  • Plain Weave
    Each weft wire passes over one and under one warp wire,  and every  warp wire passes over one and under one weft wire, every weft wire have and warp wire  an equivalent  diameter.

  • Twill Weave
    Twill weave means each weft wire passes over two and under two warp wires,  and every  warp wire passes over and under two weft wires. The wire diameter of the warp and weft  is usually  same. The open area is smaller than the  taffeta weave .

  • Dutch Weave
    Different with the  taffeta weave  and  twill . Dutch weave  chrome steel  woven  fabric  has different wire diameter and aperture size  within the  weft and warp. Commonly the diameter  within the  weft is thicker than the warp wire. Weft wire is  within the  length direction with the warp wire  within the  width direction. The dutch weave  are often  divided into plain dutch weave and twill dutch weave.

  • stainless-steel-woven-wire-cloth-plain-weave

    Plain weave chrome steel woven wire cloth.


    Twill weave chrome steel woven wire cloth.


Plain dutch chrome steel woven wire cloth.


Plain dutch chrome steel woven wire cloth.


  • Material: stainless steel wire 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 310, 314, 410, 430.

  • Weaving type: plain weave, twill weave, dutch twill.

  • Wire diameter: 0.022mm - 3.5mm.

  • Aperture size:

    • Plain weave up to 425 mesh.

    • Twill weave up to 635 mesh.

    • Dutch weave up to 400 × 2800 mesh.

  • Grade: mill grade, market grade and heavy duty grade


  • Excellent resistance to the rust and corrosion.

  • Resistance to the acid and alkali.

  • Cleaner and brighter appearance.

  • Resistance to the chemical and harsh weather.

  • There is no welded point; the woven wire is long lasting.

  • High strength and durable.

  • Versatility in fabrication. The  chrome steel   are often  fabricated  to varied  weaving types, aperture size and diameter. It can fit different requirements of  the purchasers .

  • Customized.  we will  supply  the quality  specification of the  chrome steel  woven  fabric ,  and therefore the  special specifics and requirements are available.

Stainless steel woven  fabric   is employed  in an almost unlimited number of applications and industries.  a number of  the common application include filtering, protection, feeding decorating.

  • Stainless steel woven  fabric   are often  used as woven wire filter cloth to filter liquid, solid and gas  within the  filtering industries,  like  the filter discs, filter tubes, dipping baskets, test sieves, filter elements or strainers.

  • Stainless steel woven  fabric   are often  used as window screens  within the  residences  to stop  insects from entering  the homes.

  • The  chrome steel  crimped woven  fabric   are often  used  because the  feeding screen for the pigs and other animals.

  • The  chrome steel  woven  fabric   are often   utilized in  the architectural buildings  because the  decorative woven wire mesh.

  • The  chrome steel  woven  fabric  is widely  utilized in  printing of electronics, textiles, ceramics, glass and other industries.

  • stainless-steel-woven-wire-window-screen

Chrome steel woven wire cloth can be used as the window screen of the residences to prevent insects from entering the room.


Chrome steel woven wire cloth can be used to filter liquid, gas and solid.


Chrome steel crimped woven wire cloth can be used for feeding screen.


Chrome steel woven wire cloth can be used as printing screen.

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