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Industrial Metal Woven Wire Mesh

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Stainless wire mesh is especially useful because it is extremely chemical resistant, works with hot or cold liquids, and is easily cleaned. Aluminum mesh is lightweight, strong, has a high electrical conductivity, and a low melting point. Aluminum mesh also significantly resists atmospheric corrosion. Carbon steel and galvanized wire mesh are strong, economical, and readily available. Other exotic materials such as copper and nickel can also be woven into wire mesh.

Stainless wire mesh  is particularly  useful because  it's  extremely chemical resistant, works with hot or cold liquids, and  is definitely  cleaned. Aluminum mesh is lightweight, strong,  features a  high electrical conductivity, and  a coffee   freezing point . Aluminum mesh also significantly resists atmospheric corrosion.  steel  and galvanized wire mesh are strong, economical, and readily available. Other exotic materials  like  copper and nickel  also can  be woven into wire mesh.



Features of Woven Wire Mesh

  • Solid construction

  • Extremely versatile

  • East  to put in 

  • Can have low resistance to wind loads

  • Easily  move  fit

  • Available in many materials,  like   chrome steel  and aluminum



Since our woven wire mesh is extremely versatile  and straightforward   to put in ,  they will  be  utilized in   a spread  of applications. From fencing to machine guarding, Direct Metals has the woven wire mesh for your application.  samples of  common applications include:

  • Woven wire mesh baskets

  • Woven wire mesh architectural grilles

  • Woven wire mesh display shelves and stands

  • Woven wire mesh racks

  • Woven wire mesh liquid filtration

  • Woven wire mesh air filtration

  • Woven wire mesh wall reinforcement

  • Woven wire mesh handrail panel inserts

Heavier woven wires must be pre-crimped.  the fabric  remains stable and rigid after the crimping process. Pre-crimped woven wire mesh  is right  for both industrial & architectural applications.


Our pre-crimped woven wire mesh  is out there  in:

  • Intercrimp

  • Lock crimp

  • Plain weave

  • Flat top woven styles





Plain Weave/Double Crimp Woven Wire

This is  the foremost  common  sort of  woven wire.  it's  used where the opening  is comparatively  small  as compared  to the wire diameter.


Lock Crimp Woven Wire

This woven wire type  is employed  only in coarse specifications  to take care of  the accuracy of weave throughout screen life, where the opening is large with  reference to  wire diameter.


Intercrimp Woven Wire

This type of wire  is employed  in coarse weaves of lighter gauge woven wire  to supply  greater stability, tightness of weave and maximum rigidity.  it's   quite common  in wire mesh openings larger than 1/2" (12.7mm).


Flat Top Woven Wire

Usually starts at 5/8” (15.875 mm) opening or larger.  this sort  of wire provides long abrasive resistant life since there  are not any  projections on top to wear. Flat top woven wire offers  the smallest amount  resistance to flow and  is extremely  popular in certain architectural and structural applications where a smooth surface on one side is desirable.





Plain Square Woven Wire

The most common wire weave, with  an equivalent  diameter warp and shute wires, woven  during a  simple over and under pattern. This style produces screens with  an equivalent  mesh count in both directions.

Twill Square Woven Wire

Each shute wire typically passes over two warp wires and under two producing square openings.  twill   are often   made up of  larger-diameter wires than would be possible in plain square weave,  to get  greater strength, density, or corrosion resistance.


Dutch Twill Weave Wire

This weave style  is analogous  to Plain Dutch, except  it's woven in Twill style. Each wire passes over two wires then under two wires, still utilizing a smaller-diameter shute wire, allowing  a good  tighter weave and even finer filtration than the Plain Dutch weave.


Rectangular or “Off-Count” Weave Wire

This is  a clear  weave  fabric , woven in an over and under pattern with  a special  number of wires  within the  warp and shute direction, which yields  an oblong  opening  fabric . Rectangular openings are often  utilized in  sifting and sizing operations  to extend  product “through” capacity, with minor sacrifices in accuracy.  to scale back  material costs, off-count wire mesh  could also be  substituted for square wire mesh in some applications that  don't  require a high level of accuracy. Some  fabric  vendors will substitute off-count  fabric  when certifications  aren't  specified by the manufacturer.  for instance , a 90 x 100 mesh  could also be  substituted for 100 x 100.


Stranded Weave Wire

Usually woven  within the  Plain Square style, each warp and shute “wire”  consists  of a “bunch” or “group” of small-diameter wires, which are woven into a finished product.

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