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bullet-proof Stainless security window screen

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bullet-proof Stainless security window screen by using the resources of Plain Weave which is likewise called dark-striped cat weave, material weave or fabric weave, is the most essential kind of weaves. In plain weave, the twist and weft are adjusted so they structure a straightforward confound design. Every weft string crosses the twist strings by going more than one, at that point under the following, etc. The following weft string goes under the twist strings that its neighbor went over, and the other way around.

bullet-proof Stainless security window screen

materials: plain stainless steel.

surface treatment: smooth and silky.

patterns: nets shaped.

features: good quality with ISO9000 certification.

bullet-proof Stainless security window screen applications:

Utilized for screening and filtration in corrosive and soluble climate
Utilized in mining, oil, compound, food, medication, hardware fabricating enterprises.
PCB printing, filteration, Processing of oils, synthetic compounds, food, drugs, likewise arranging and screening of strong, fluid and gas in mine, metallurgy, airspace, machine making, and so on.

bullet-proof Stainless security window screen

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