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Application of Stainless Steel Safety Screen

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The stainless steel safety screen is extremely durable and will not damage the quality of the screen due to the humid environment or the acid-base gas in the air. Because stainless steel is a certified environmentally friendly material, stainless steel screens are also very popular in the market for environmentally friendly building materials.

The stainless steel security screen has a flat surface and excellent protection function, and can be used to protect doors, windows and outdoor areas. It can keep your windows open without worrying about someone breaking in at night, and it can also prevent pests from entering.

Concrete application:

With bulletproof function, it can be used in military bases and other safe places.

Used for the safety of residences, hotels and other places, to resist thieves and intruders.

Due to its anti-mosquito and flies characteristics, it can be used on windows, doors, porches and terraces to prevent harmful insects.

The stainless steel anti-theft screen can resist corrosion and fire, and can be used in corrosive and dusty harsh environments.

stainless steel security screen

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