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Advantage of Stainless Steel Security Screen

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Stainless steel security screen, also known as bullet-proof window screen, is a square hole plain weave security screen made of high-strength stainless steel wire. The wire is made of black high-quality powder coating, which has better corrosion resistance.

The material is stainless steel wire (304 or 316). It has a flat surface and excellent protection features such as fire prevention, knife resistance, mosquitoes and flies, and keeps thieves and intruders away from the house. Stainless steel security screen can be used to protect doors, windows and outdoor areas.


✔Simple installation, flat surface.

✔High strength and corrosion resistance.

✔Excellent durability and impact resistance.

✔Good air circulation and high-quality lighting.

✔Good privacy protection and aesthetic effect.

✔The black epoxy resin coating makes the corrosion resistance better.


1.Used in residences and hotels to defend against thieves and robbers

2.For industrial protection, residential areas, villas, swimming pools

3.Used in safe places such as military bases to protect against bullets

4.Used for doors, windows, and terraces to release mosquitoes

5.Used for decoration crafts.

stainless steel security screen

Stainless Steel Security Screens

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