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The use of Architectural Decorative Curtain Wall Mesh

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How much do you know about architectural decorative curtain wall mesh? Let's follow the editor to understand the knowledge of architectural decorative curtain wall mesh.

The thickness of the architectural decorative curtain wall mesh and the arrangement of the punching holes determine its good sound absorption effect, lighter quality, which is more convenient for your removal and removal, and has a longer service life. The architectural decorative curtain wall mesh and some precision mechanical equipment are also inseparable from the participation of the punching net, such as chemical machinery and machinery. Of course, such the architectural decorative curtain wall mesh are still widely used in handicrafts, papermaking and other industries. In addition it is widely used in the environmental protection noise control barriers in the transportation and municipal facilities such as highways, railways, subways, etc. across urban areas, and the sound-absorbing panels for sound insulation and noise reduction of building walls, generator rooms, factory buildings, and other noise sources , Curtain wall decoration mesh can be used as sound-absorbing material for building ceilings and wall panels.


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