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Stainless security screen mesh doors & window screens

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Stainless security screen mesh doors & window screens are made of high-strength stainless steel wire diameter heavy-duty precision loom. The surface of the diamond mesh is sprayed and matt finished, mounted on aluminum doors and windows, and organically integrated is a see-through stainless steel mesh, which keeps intruders out, while still allowing you unobstructed views from your doors and windows.

Super Security Screens Mesh has high-quality, simple and powerful, anti-shear, anti-impact and other high-quality performance, truly reflects the advantages of anti-theft, insect-proof, ventilation, beauty, safety.
Stainless security screen mesh doors & window screens

7 major benefits of the Stainless security screen mesh:

1. Safety protection: the introduction of American door and window professional technology, the use of high-density anti-theft steel wire materials and difficult technical processing. Waiting for the seven-in-one function

2. Emergency escape: In the event of a fire accident, it has a patented emergency escape function, a flexible inner unlocking device, and freely fold and open to ensure that it will not delay the precious time of escape and safely escape danger.

3. Prevent falling from high altitude: Equipped with double safety mechanical lock, which can prevent children and elderly playing in the room from high-altitude accidents.

4. Invisible and transparent: zero line of sight obstruction, zero-distance visual communication with the outside world, can maintain natural fresh air circulation 24 hours a day, reduce the sub-health brought by air conditioning, so that you and your family will always have a healthy body and mind.

5. Environmental protection and energy saving: This product has no sense of obstruction. The selected material color will be matched according to the user's home door and window hue to achieve zero occlusion and zero depression. The interior is always bright and natural, and easy to communicate with the outside world.

6. Easy to care: This product is made of special materials, which is convenient for care. It is as bright as new with a little care, and its life span is 10 times that of ordinary screens.

7. Wide application: office areas, high-end residential villas, airports, resorts, hospitals, banks, schools, nursing homes and other living places.

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