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Stainless Steel Security Screens for Schools, Colleges

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Even if appropriate security precautions are taken, such as locking the school door, the shooter may be able to enter through the unprotected glass door. Stainless Steel Security Screens make this almost impossible. Most shooters do not carry tools such as hammers or knives, but just shoot glass windows to smash and climb over.

Although Stainless Steel Security Screens cannot resist firing, they make it almost impossible for a shooter to break through a glass with a gun. Even if the glass is damaged, the screen will remain in place. The safety screen is very resistant to tearing, cutting and tearing, so it is difficult to form a large opening and pass through the window.

The extra time provided by the Stainless Steel Security Screen allows first responders enough time to respond to the situation and helps educators and teachers safely evacuate the area.

The Stainless Steel Security Screens can not only help the rare cases of active shooting, but also prevent vandalism, theft and other daily security precautions. They also provide a shadow barrier, making it more difficult for people outside the school to see the inside of the building, thereby protecting the privacy of students and employees.

The Stainless Steel Security Screen looks like a normal window screen without interference
One of the best things about security screens is that they look very similar to standard window screens. Unlike other options (such as window security bars), they do not make the room feel "prison-like". They also cannot prevent withdrawal in an emergency.

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