Stainless Steel Crimped Mesh

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Stainless steel welded mine screen mesh, sieve screen basket, vibrating screen, slit sieve, mesh cylinder, arc shaped wire mesh screen, high-strength mesh, polyester mesh,crimped wire mesh etc.

Specifications of Chrome Steel Crimped Mesh

Material: Low carbon steel wire, chrome steel wire.

Weaving Type:Flat top crimped,Lock crimpedDouble crimped,Intermediate crimped,Pre-crimped process

Flat top crimped
Flat top crimped, also called pressed crimped,  is formed  from round and profiled  taffeta weave  wire. All the mesh knuckles is being on the underside. The structure  is extremely  heavy  and sturdy .  the graceful  surface  is that the  characteristic of the weaving method. This structure can allow the materials  to maneuver  more freely over the screen.  it's  widely  utilized in  the vibrating screen.

Lock crimped
Lock crimped  may be a  refinement of the intermediate crimped. It can lock the wire at their position through pressed at  all sides  of the raised wire. This structure can add  the steadiness  of the crimped woven wire mesh.

Double crimped
Double crimped  is additionally  called  taffeta weave . Different from the intermediate crimped, both the warp wire and weft wire are woven directly by straight wire.  we will get a rigid construction through evenly crimp in warp and weft wire. The wires are under crimped and sprung together thus giving  a decent  mesh.  this is often  used mainly with lighter wires  to make sure  tension  during a  light screen.

Intermediate crimped
Intermediate crimped  are often  divided into single intermediate crimped and double intermediate crimped.  the only  intermediate crimped means the weft wire is pre-crimped  and therefore the  warp wire is directly woven. The double intermediate crimped means both the weft wire and warp wire is pre-crimped  then  woven together.

Pre-crimped process
Using the precision machine, the intermediate crimped wire is pre-crimped by the rotary dies. The pre-crimped wire can assure the spacing of the wires. When the wires are woven together, the structure can  make sure the  wires will lock firmly together at the intersections.


Characteristics of Stainless Steel Crimped  Mesh: 

Easy to leak, wear and corrosion resistance. Net wire cross section is trapezoidal. Sieve  made from   chrome steel  wire cold rolled section, shall support  the utilization of automation production equipment sieve welded seam screen uniformity, welding quality and stability, opening rate, long life, has high strength, stiffness and carrying capacity,  are often  molded into  the form  of rigid screening filter.

Applications of Chrome Steel Crimped Mesh:  

Widely  utilized in  mining, coal, petroleum, fertilizer, grain, salt, and environmental protection industries. Screening of liquid, powder 

Category of Chrome Steel Welded Mesh: 

Stainless steel welded mine screen mesh, sieve screen basket, vibrating screen, slit sieve, mesh cylinder, arc shaped wire mesh screen, high-strength mesh, polyester mesh,crimped wire mesh etc. 

Chrome steel welded mine screen mesh, slit sieve, sieve screen basket, vibrating screen mesh welded, cylindrical mesh, sieve bend.

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