Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

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High quality stainless steel woven decorative screen curtains is a kind of rod and cable weaving mesh,2-4 as a group, a group of a certain distance, the distance and the thickness of the rope can be customized according to customer requirements every weft yarn is a single stainless steel rods, but also a certain distance intervals, this distance customers decide.

High quality Chrome Steel Cable Mesh is a quite rod and cable weaving mesh,2-4 as a gaggle , a gaggle of a particular distance, the space and therefore the thickness of the rope are often customized consistent with customer requirements every weft yarn may be a single chrome steel rods, but also a particular distance intervals, this distance customers decide.

Specifications of Chrome Steel Cable Mesh

Materials: SS304 316 316L , cooper wire, AL-Mg  alloy wire

Rod diameter: 0.45-4.0mm

Cable diameter: 0.5-2.5mm

Cable number: 1, 2, 3

Characteristic of Chrome Steel Cable Mesh

High transparency
This chrome steel cable mesh is pulled into diamond patterns to let ample light and air undergo . due to high transparency, it's widely applied to the zoo enclosure, animal cages, aviary netting, ceiling, and parking garages. With dull, silver sheen, it blends into the encompassing environment easily.

High strength
Quality material and seamless ferrules impart high strength to the cable mesh and make it appropriate to projects requiring high load capacity and dependability, especially public applications subjected to vandalism and security fences for rockfall protection.

Flexible & impact resistance
he advantages of impact resistance mainly lie within the flexible structure which makes this cable mesh ideal to be used as a balustrade for bridges, paths, and stairs. Meanwhile, its flexible structure also allows for varied creativity within the planning and execution of projects.

Our range of chrome steel cable mesh is environmentally friendly and non-flammable so it functions well within the emergency exit.

Small rhombus patterns effectively prevent foothold and climbing actions in order that they are widely utilized in museums, schools, recreational fields, and various children's activity areas.

Made of quality chrome steel AISI 304, 304L, 316, 316L, our chrome steel cable mesh are often advantageous when applied to the harshest conditions because of its superb resistance to inclemency and ultraviolet. Thus, the extra anti-corrosive coating isn't needed.

Easy installation & maintenance-free
stainless steel cable mesh are often fixed to the steel tubular frame easily and quickly using simple hardware. Meanwhile, it retains original shape and resiliency indefinitely in order that the requirements of adjustment periodically is eliminated. additionally , it requires no maintenance, including the requirements of caustic cleaners.

Stainless Steel Cable Mesh Stainless Steel Cable Mesh Stainless Steel Cable Mesh Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Applications of SS Cable Mesh

Widely utilized in building facades, partitions, ceiling, and therefore the airport station, hotels, theaters and exhibition halls and other high-grade internal and external decoration.

stainless steel cable mesh applications

Other decorative partition metal screen as perforated metal ceiling, chain link metal curtain screen, ss crimped decorative room divider, metal beaded curtains are often customized if needed.

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