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Security Screen Doors and Security Window Screens

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Security screen doors and security window screens must pass stringent testing to comply with Australian Standards 5039 and achieve security status.

What Is Australian Standards 5039?
Australian Standards 5039 is made up of the following 6 tests to assess the strength and structural integrity of security screen doors and security window screens.

The Knife Sheer Test
The Impact Test
The Anti-jemmy Test
The Pull Test
The Probe Test
The Sheer Test

We have put together a brief description of each test carried out in an independent accredited laboratory.

The Knife Shear Test
The Knife Shear Test is designed to test the strength of the security mesh and simulate an intruder using a knife or sharp object. This test involves applying mechanical force with a heavy duty knife to the security mesh being tested. This is carried out three times with a new blade for each strike.

The Impact Test

The impact test is designed to simulate physical attacks on the screen, for example, kicking feet, lifting shoulders or using heavy objects. In order to perform this test, a large pendulum weight is required to generate an impact energy of 100j at a specified point.  In order to pass this test, the screen of a door or window must withstand five types of impact.

The Jemmy Test
The Jemmy Test simulates an intruder attempting to lever the screen open with a screwdriver or jemmy. During this test, a lever is wedged between the security door lock and hinge and the door frame to which the security screen is mounted. A mechanical winch is used in an attempt to pry the door open. In order to pass the Jemmy Test, the security door must remain securely closed.

The Pull Test
The pull test simulates an intruder trying to pull the screen out. When testing the Type 3 product, the tensile test can only be performed after sufficient clearance is obtained after the Jemmy test. If there is no gap, there is nowhere to install the tensile test bracket or hold it under actual conditions.
Because SecureView Eclipx and Xceed products performed so well in each preceding test, the Pull Test could not be carried out and SecureView and Xceed security doors and windows automatically passed.

The Probe Test
The probe test simulates an intruder, forming a gap in the security screen so they can reach out to unlock the door or window. Test by applying a deflection force of 1.5 kN (150 kg) on   each side of the opening in an attempt to increase enough space to reach out.

The Shear Test
The cut test simulates an intruder trying to attack the cutting pliers on a security screen. The tool will apply increasing pressure until the sample strip breaks.

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