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Decorative Laser Cut Wall Panels

Each of our decorative laser cut wall panels is unique and designed to aesthetically enhance any space it occupies,created by experienced designer,laser cut panels can be used in both residential and commerical,buildings,architects.


When you want to ordering decorative laser cut wall panels,pls provide:

  • Material:aluminum sheet,stainless steel,mild steel,copper,etc

  • Thickness:ususally 1.5mm-3mm

  • CAD drawings for your decorative design

  • sheet size:1200x2400 or other sizes.

  • Surface finish:powder coated or PVDF painting,or anodizing,etc

For example: aluminum sheet ,3mm thickenss,sheet size 1200x2400,PVDF coated surface,decorative design as below drawing.

We have various patterns for decoration and architects


Decorative laser cut panels has great features in architets applications:

  • Light weight

  • Aesthetic appeal

  • Variety of decorative design

  • Easy for installation

  • Various surface finish and colors


General application for decorative laser cut panels:

  • Laser cut panels for wall partitions

  • Laser cut panels for Ceilings &Skylights

  • Laser cut panels for Window covering

  • Laser cut panels for room devider & Floor screen

  • Laser cut panels for stairway&railings

  • Laser cut panels for building wall panels

  • Laser cut panels for external claddings

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