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Benefits Of The Stainless Steel Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh

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Benefits Of The Stainless Steel Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh:

Individual design

The diversity of architectural decorative wire mesh types the widest range of colour options andawide selection of mounting solutions offer almost unlimited designpossibilities.

Natural ventilation

The transparency of an architectural decorative wire mesh allows naturalventilationThe open area of the mesh can be adjusted to meetparticular aeration and ventilation requirements

Sun protection

Architectural wire mesh acts as effective sunligh protection, in particular to filter incident light and educe warming of the building.

Fall protection

Stainless steel wire mesh can be used as fall protection, for examplein multi-storey car parks or for cladding on external staircases andbalconies.

Transparency and view protection

Thanks to its structure, wire mesh provide transparency from insidewhen viewed front on. At the same time, mesh façades can almost have an opaque effect depending on the angle of view and lighting conditions.

Long-life cycle

Architectural decorative wire mesh stands out for extreme durabilityand is al mostmaintenance free due to the use of corrosion-resistan st ainless steeland obust mounting technology.

Building rede velo pment

architectural decorative wire mesh is extremely suitable for renovating,up grading or modernizing existing buildings Itisa modern designelement combining old and new.


Various techniques can be used to colour Yuandong Architectural Mesh elements non-ferrous metals, co ated and printed mesh, iluminatedmesh or even transparent media facades.

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