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Application of stainless steel woven mesh

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Stainless steel woven mesh parameters:

Stainless steel protective net material: stainless steel wire SUS316 316L

Stainless steel protective mesh diameter: 0.1-0.25mm

Stainless steel protective mesh number: 16 mesh -24 mesh

Advantages of stainless steel woven mesh:

 Anti-rat, high strength and strong toughness, can avoid a series of health problems caused by rats entering the house.

 Fly control, in addition to the basic purpose of preventing common flies and insects, it can also prevent a kind of small wheat mosquitoes in wet areas.

 Fire resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, 2012 buildings have fire prevention facilities, but the general nylon window screen can not fire, stainless steel window screen to the basic fire requirements.

 breathable, transparent, the product surface color bright and beautiful, compared with the ordinary nylon window screen can increase the air circulation rate and sunlight irradiation

Stainless steel woven net application:

Hotel, restaurant, kitchen, restaurant and other public facilities protection and related filtration.

Stainless Steel Woven Wire Meshstainless-steel-crimped-wire-mesh4

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