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Aluminum Expanded decorative mesh

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Aluminum Expanded decorative mesh is framed in a growing press. The essential metal is all the while cut and cold-framed, which extends the cuts into jewel molded openings of uniform size and routineness. Aluminum Expanded metal work is a type of metal stock made by shearing a metal plate in a press, so the metal stretches, leaving precious stone molded voids encompassed by interlinked bars of the metal. The most well-known strategy for fabricate is to at the same time cut and stretch the material with one movement.

Aluminum Expanded decorative mesh

Aluminum Expanded decorative mesh materials: galvanized stainless steel.

Aluminum Expanded decorative mesh features:

Weight is light enough for outer wall hanging


Rainstorm or isolation won`t hurt

Visibility and colorful

Used as decorative mesh for building outer wall , radiator cover mesh

Easily fabricated, finished, installed and formed

Aluminum Expanded decorative mesh surface treatments: PVC coated, Galvanized,anodic oxidation, antirust paint etc..

Aluminum Expanded decorative mesh applications:

Hotels, airports, railway stations, conference rooms, hotels, stadiums, television indoor decoration, ceiling and outdoor curtain wall, and a variety of vehicles, such as air compressor cooling ventilation hood and mechanical protection cover, acoustics, filter, air conditioning, satellite antenna, outdoor furniture, machinery facilities protection, highway barrier, building decoration..ect.

Aluminum Expanded decorative mesh

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